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Tien Quarter Horses

Prairie View, Kansas

Tien Quarter Horses is located in Northwest Kansas, one mile south and one half mile west of Prairie View. We are a family owned farm/ranch operation where our farming interests include growing wheat, corn & alfalfa. We also raise commercial Angus cattle and breed and sell AQHA Performance Horses.
We specialize in breeding for conformation, disposition and proven pedigrees,
with a special emphasis on the Two Eyed Jack line. 

Standing at TQH for 2023

2024 Prob A Shiner.jpg
Joes Main Show 2024.jpg
2024 Sizzling Hot Boons.jpg

AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders

Any foals raised by Tien Quarter Horses are eligible to be shown
in the great AQHA Ranching Heritage program.  

Click here for more information. 

HPI Eligible Sires

Foals sired by Two ID Sweet Jack, Two ID Sweet Buck or Joes Main Show
are eligible for the HP Ranch Horse Invitational as 4 - 6 year olds.  
2022 HPI offered over $80,000 in cash & prizes. 

Click here for more information. 

Reproduction Services

2023 holds some exciting new things. Over the last few years we have
worked towards the expansion of our breeding facility.
Along with the growth of our facility, we have increased our knowledge.
After taking the time to learn these new skills
within our own herd,
we are ready to offer these services to you.
Check out the BREEDING page for more
details of what we have to offer. 

Prospects For Sale

We believe the mare is a vital piece of the equation when raising quality horses.
The foundation starts in the broodmare band.
Each mare has earned her right to be a part of the herd.
We then carefully match her with the stallion we believe will compliment her.

That will create a correct, good minded, athlete.
Our goal is to provide the public with horses that are enjoyable to ride, athletic, 
profitable on the ranch and in the arena along with  pretty & correct. 
Check out the Prospects page for current prospects we have to offer. 





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Two Eyed Jack Two Id Sweet Buck Two Id Sweet Jack Cd Olena Probably A  Shiner Joes Main Show Sizzling Hot boons
Sizzling Hot Boons Probably A Shiner Two Id Sweet Buck Two Id Sweet Jack Joes Main Show Two Eyed Jack Horses
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Two Eyed Jack Horses Probably A Shiner Two Id Sweet Buck Joes Main Show Sizzling Hot Boons Two Id Sweet Jack HPI howard pitzer
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Two Id Sweet Jack Two Id Sweet Buck Probably A Shiner Joes Main Show Sizzling Hot Boons Two Eyed Jack horses breeding facility ET embryo transfer rope horse for sale ranch horses colts

Kent & Ashlee Tien
1263 W Navajo Rd
Prairie View KS 67664


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